A Message from Our CEO

August 31, 2017

Today, A.M. Castle has taken a proud step forward that marks a new beginning for the Company. We have completed our financial restructuring, which positions us for growth and the opportunity to serve our customers and partner with our suppliers more efficiently than we have in the past few, financially challenged years.

As promised, we have reduced our debt burden in partnership with our stakeholders and can now work to achieve significant growth opportunities across our business. This milestone is a testament to the hard work of our employees, our leadership team, our secured creditors, and our other stakeholders, all of whom have contributed their overwhelming support and trust in Castle throughout the process.

Our financial restructuring is the capstone of the essential work we completed over the past two years to fortify our business, including right-sizing our branch network footprint, empowering our branches and people, and investing in our target markets. Now, Castle is proud to be operationally and financially fit for growth.

Today’s news signifies a renewed sense of pride in our business for all Castle employees and partners. Thanks to them, we have overcome tremendous obstacles and have taken the necessary steps to reinvigorate our brand and our business. Many companies have crumbled under similar circumstances, but not us. Castle has grown stronger and developed a reinvigorated vision and plan for the Company’s future. And we’re not stopping there.

On behalf of all of Castle leadership, I am excited about what lies ahead. The support and belief in our business from all of our stakeholders will play an essential role in our continued success. For more information about today’s announcement and what it means for the future of A.M. Castle, please see the overview below, visit the FAQs section of this site, or reach out to your Castle contact, who would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Photo of Steve W. Scheinkman

Steve W. Scheinkman

President and Chief Executive Officer